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Use a Scratch Map to Share Your Unforgettable Travel Experience with Friends

Do you like traveling and always wait impatiently to share your new experience with friends and relatives? Today, you can do this in the most original way. Wonder what it is? Using a scratch map is the best possible way to tell where you were and what you saw. A card with a special coating makes it easy to mark countries while traveling: it's enough to erase the golden layer, under which a colorful map is exposed.

A scratch map of the world is a personal diary of a tourist, which will make any trip unforgettable. It is possible to have an erasable world map as a poster on the wall. Are you interested and want to learn more? Then, find a map to scratch at scratch-map where you will be able to choose your perfect map design able to turn your journeys into the best traveling experience.

What Is a Scratch Map: Main Features and the Purpose of Use

This is a map that depicts continents, oceans, marked by the borders of the country, on some maps, you can see regions, states, major cities. It is designed for marking either future or past trips. The purpose of such a poster is to stimulate new discoveries and experience emotions from visiting countries. The scratch map has many benefits: it fits well with the interior, serves as an excellent gift for any person who likes to travel, visit new cities, and countries.

Scratch map or an erased world map is made of cardboard, thick coated paper, or plastic materials. Some variants are made even from wood. It is applied flexographically to the image of the continents so that it is colorful and bright. A removable layer of foil material is applied from above. This protection is erased by a metal object - more often, a coin is chosen for this purpose. Choose high-quality maps because low-quality printing can damage information when erasing the protective layer.

The Scratch Map is the Best Possible Way to Share Experience

Such a map will be a great decoration for your room. If you want to tell somebody about your love to traveling but have no idea on how to get started, just invite this person to your place, and he/she will see a map, which will definitely cause his/her interest. Expand horizons with the innovative scratch maps making it possible to draw your own route and follow it with the help of the map. Nothing brings so many emotions and impressions as traveling. Now, you have a chance to fix all those emotions after returning home and continue making plans in an anticipation of a new trip!

A scratch map of the world provides a traveler with an opportunity to scratch off your travel destinations, places that he/she has already visited or plans to visit. On the sheet of laminated paper of increased density of the A1 format, contrasting colors highlight oceans, seas, continents. Under the scratch layer, countries, administrative borders of states, capitals, large cities, names of seas, rivers, sights are hidden.

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